Drivers & Vehicles

Baby Malcolm's Concierge started as a vision between two colleagues in 2008.The business was simply a late night delivery service of food and beverages within Albany City limits. The company began to add additional services due to customer demand and is now a S-Corporation providing concierge and transportation services within Albany City limits. Baby Malcolm's Concierge operated seven days a week 24 hours a day. The concierge services offered by Baby Malcolm's Concierge would be considered an order fulfillment process.

The client places an order at the customer call center via email, text message, online, order form, or by phone. Once the order is received the task is assigned to the proper personnel to satisfy the customer's needs. Taxi and luxury car services are provided throughout the Capital Region and interstate. Baby Malcolm's Concierge currently holds hack licenses and medallions for all cabs owned by the company.

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